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We are not only experts in selling or letting you home, we can also provide you with a whole host of information when it comes to property.

We’ve been in business for 27 years so we know all sorts of other people we can recommend to help you. Whether it’s a boiler service or you need to apply for probate and you are not sure where to start. Perhaps you need a surveyor to put your mind at rest, mortgage advice from someone who will take the time to explain all your options or simply a clearance company to help de-clutter… Jackie Oliver & Co have a plethora of wonderful people we can put you in touch with.

Who are they? Real people we have either used personally and have been helping us with our own homes or those we have had dealings with for many years. We know them, we trust them and can happily rely on the fact you can too.

Solicitors and Conveyancing

Buying for the first time or selling for the last? Choose someone who makes you feel comfortable, who can hold your hand if necessary and give you the best possible legal advice. We only recommend firms we have used personally.

We can help you obtain quotes and get started with a firm of solicitors. Forms – there are always loads of forms! uninviting but necessary, we can also help get you ready ahead of time, preventing delays after a sale is agreed, taking weeks off your transaction time.

We have some exceptional firms locally. Why use an online conveyancing factory where you never speak to the same person twice? Use an independent firm where you speak to the actual person looking after you every time.


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